Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm not a particularly organized guy, and I have been called lazy, and not just a few times. I do have to keep my office clean, however, so I've contemplated organization: keeping things in a certain place, AND putting them back there when I'm done using them. And so far, I have a system that kind of works, as long as the areas for different objects are not too specific, are contained separately, and the most frequently used objects are most accessible. In other words, I have developed a practical system based on 2 contrasting needs, accessibility and the appearance of cleanliness. Now, the real subject of this post is Bush. I think the best word to sum up his presidency is messy. He has pursued many policies, wihout a clear purpose, and they seem to be more based in his will than in any real need or utility. For one of his first moves, he gave a tax break to the rich with the planned surplus. Two things: a surplus is not a bad thing to keep, in case there is an emergency, like war, maybe... also, to give any significant relief to the rich, it takes a lot of money, and since they only have one vote each, it's not a good investment (yes, I am being naive. they probably automatically get 10% of the tax breaks donated to their campaigns, which provides a definite advantage.)


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