Friday, December 08, 2006

Poopy Politics

I read an analysis of Clinton's goodbye address yesterday, it included a rebuke of some of Bush's planned policies, including a military "laissez-faire" policy, ie, not acting as an international peace keeping force. And, I guess you can say that we haven’t in that we ignored crises like Durfar, and we are instigating the wars, not stopping them, but more specifically, Bush was against “nation-building”, which is the most noble explanation of this war so far. Also, his Social Security plan was a joke… “individualized investment accounts” were insecure and anti-social. Of course it can be difficult for a senior with out savings (or even with some savings) to live on their own, but at least social security makes it possible. I suppose any attempt to solve this impending problem is good, but with all the resources available to Bush in terms of analysts and such, they could have made a more realistic substitute for Social Security. That said, I am disappointed at how much politics there is in government. The only thing I can think of that would reduce the damage Washington can do is decentralizing power. Funny, I’m pretty sure that is a pillar of the Republican party, which somehow never comes to fruition. Maybe because they are greedy for their own power? I won’t speculate to that end…but my point is, the whole system is too complicated for every last voter to get a good picture of what is going on. Politicians do whatever the hell they want… there is no accountability…. Mid term elections, you say? I looked at a graph of Bush’s popularity polls. They are around 50% in 2001, then they start steadily declining until September 11th, when they get a large boost. As the hunt for Bin Laden goes awry and people realize what a bullshitter President Bush is again, they start to fall again. And what do you know, the polls start to rise right before his reelection, no doubt a result of pumping millions upon millions of dollars into campaign funding and his scare tactics. I hereby dare politicians to be honest. I will give props to Senator-elect Jim Webb for snubbing Bush at a new-senator event. Anyone who has led us into war for the wrong reasons, or without studying the entire problem effectively, using the great body of academia available in the US, does not deserve our respect. With so many people dying and distraught, it should be for their country, not for Bush.


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