Sunday, December 10, 2006


There have been many examples of leadership I have encountered which were… unmotivational. One of my cadre for example, has punished me for not turning in my weekly accountability card on by 2200 Sunday night, when the bus I returned on arrived around 2240. Another incident, due to the fact that POTW’s were not available until Monday mornings for us early in the semester, I wrote in my accountability that I would miss Freshmen Eats, which occurs every Tuesday from around 1730 to 1830. Little did I know, another activity was planned for that time slot. I found out Tuesday about this activity, and let my immediate supervisor know. He tells the next higher up that I will be missing it, and soon both pounce on me angrily. I to this day do not know why they were mad about me not giving exact information when it was unavailable, nor why they were mad when I obviously would not be able to make the other event at the same time. These examples of punishment when reasonable effort (and yes, the Corps of Cadets has raised my standards of “reasonable effort”) and fairly unpreventable lapses in the system occur, are not helpful to anyone and can only result in less willingness to take action (I would not have been punished had I not reported to the supervisor the second time?) and some loss of faith in the system to which we give so much.


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