Sunday, October 29, 2006

free-k 2

That last post reminded me of something from high school... You ever notice how some people will cut in line? I noticed...especially if they see someone they know ahead of them, that's a free pass to cut to the front. It really pissed me off, so I decided I wouldn't let people cut.

One day I'm in line, and I'm facing forward and I hear this guy, he sounds like he's a New York-er from an old black-and-white movie, he says, "excuse me, coming through" and I hear him getting closer to me... "watch out" he says, he's right behind me now. Now, I wasn't a very bold guy socially, so I mentally took a deep breath, said "NO" and tensed up. He goes, "oh, a wise-guy, eh?" and my friend who's right behind me in line says my name in a voice, a pleading voice that dies down towards the end...I turn to get my first glimpse of the perpetrator: he's escorting his handicapped sister through the lunch line. So much for me being a hero; it could not have ended worse................

The real offenders of societal rules are always so slick and opportunistic, you're unlikely to catch them..why is the world like this, why is there no inherent order? Where is the line between manners and actually bothering someone? I can see now where all the rules and conflicts over these rules may have emerged over the years.
So, I was guarding a parking lot on saturday. Banqueteers, check, everyone else, no. So I blocked the exit, and stood in the entrance, as I was instructed to do... One person would come by, I would tell them to go away, and then another person would come from nowhere and speed into the lot! So that happened a couple times...the higher-ups told me not to let ANYONE in, even if they said they were dropping someone off, because people who claimed that were parking their cars inside. So the person who snuck in was a friend of mine, when I shook my hand at him he thought I was waving... then, the people on the inside send him out, so I have to open up the exit, when another car sneaks in! So yeah, they tell me to block the entrance, and let the banqueteers come in through the exit... I'm standing out there by the road, it's freezing and windy as anything. Someone's parents come and they want to drop their daughter off, close to her building. "Nope." I said, "No one's allowed in." So then their daughter has to walk like half a mile in this shitty weather. What a piece of shit I am.... I hate frickin society, we can't have freedom because people are bad. And for what, so some old faggots could have their valet parking? And, later on, some delivery guy sneaks in...I mean, he has a legitimate reason to be there too, he's not parking, but it's the people who are breaking the rules get the advantages of the situation...
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